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Voltage stabilized industrial UPS EA300
Power range:500KVA – 1500KVA
Application fields: Home PC, SOHO small office environment, small communication switch
★ 1. Basic introduction of EA200/300 series UPS

EA200/300 series UPS is a new generation of intelligent UPS launched by our company using advanced microcomputer (CPU) control technology. It has input voltage regulation, short circuit protection, automatic frequency adjustment, output overload protection, battery charging management and many other functions. Using LCD liquid crystal screen display, you can directly view the input and output voltage, frequency, load, battery capacity and other operating parameters at a glance. At the same time, the UPS is also connected to the computer network through the RS232 serial port, and the user can monitor the UPS operation in real time according to the software. With its high reliability, high precision, high stability and elegant appearance, this series of UPS adapts to more user occasions, and is also an ideal protective power supply for computers and peripheral electronic equipment.

Power range

500KVA – 1500KVA

Application field:

Home PC, SOHO small office environment, small communication switch, SOHO network equipment, commercial POS machine, workstation and its peripheral equipment;

★ 2. Technical features of EA200/300 series UPS

1) High reliability: 0.9

●Advanced microcomputer (CPU) control technology, faster and more accurate data processing and control

●On-line interactive design. When the system is running normally, the system uses AC to DC to charge the battery and recharge the battery to ensure that the built-in battery has sufficient energy

●Using advanced Hall devices, international quality components and high-standard production management to provide users with a reliable power supply protection basis

2) LCD display mode

●The large-screen LCD display can provide you with UPS input, output voltage, frequency, battery capacity, load conditions and other parameters in real time.

3) Ultra-wide input range

●UPS has automatic on-line voltage stabilization, which makes the input voltage range ultra-wide 162~295V safe operation; effectively reduces the battery usage rate, thereby prolonging the battery life, especially suitable for large fluctuations in the power grid and poor power environment area.

4) High-speed synchronous conversion

●The system has the function of automatically tracking the phase of the mains to ensure that the inverter output voltage waveform is completely synchronized with the waveform of the mains voltage, which effectively reduces the UPS conversion time and the peak surge voltage generated during switching, ensuring that it is suitable for use Interference from electrical equipment is minimized.

5) Unattended safe shutdown

●In the event of a power failure, this system can cooperate with the UPSmart2000R/UPSmart2000I software through the RS232 serial port or USB port to perform alarm prompts and automatic safe shutdown of the connected system.

6) Intelligent error prevention technology (LCD)

●Using microcomputer control, long press for 3 seconds (turn on)/5 seconds (turn off), which can effectively control the unnecessary power loss caused by human misoperation.

7) Multiple protection system

●The machine is equipped with advanced Hall devices, which can prevent UPS overload and damage caused by connection errors, and the UPS will automatically shut down the system output;

●The machine has a built-in precise control power protection circuit to eliminate interference from surges, thunder and lightning, low voltages and peak voltages. Fast fuse provides short circuit and overload protection;

●International-level anti-conduction standards will not cause any interference to your power supply;

●International-level radiation protection standards can make you healthy and worry-free.

8) Intelligent no-load automatic power-on and power-off technology (LCD)

●When the utility power is supplied, the UPS will automatically turn on without any operation, and will charge the battery at the same time

●The system will automatically detect the load when the equipment is on when the power is off. If the load is less than 5%, the UPS will judge it as a no-load state, and it will automatically shut down after 1 minute, reducing unnecessary losses and effectively extending Battery life

9) Automatic frequency selection technology (LCD)

● After the UPS is connected to the mains, the system will automatically adjust the inverter frequency according to the input frequency, so as to relieve users from the worry of 50/60Hz power supply.

10) Battery temperature compensation

The battery temperature supplement function is added inside the product, which can adjust the battery charging voltage according to the internal temperature to extend the battery life.

★ 3. Technical parameters of EA200/300 series UPS

Type    number EA205 EA210 EA215 EA305 EA310 EA315
Rated capacity 500VA 1000VA 1500VA 500VA 1000VA 1500VA
Enter metrics
Enter the number of phases Single-phase three-wire (1Φ+N+PE)
Enter the rated voltage 220Vac
Input voltage variable range (162Vac~295Vac)±5Vac
Input frequency variation range 45~65Hz
Battery voltage 12VDC 24VDC 24VDC 12VDC 24VDC 24VDC
Number of battery cells 12V7AH×1 12V7AH×2 12V8AH×2 12V7AH×1 12V7AH×2 12V8AH×2
Output indicator
Number of output phases Single-phase three-wire (1Φ+N+PE)
output rated voltage 220Vac
Output voltage regulation accuracy ±10%
Output frequency accuracy 50Hz/60Hz±1Hz (battery inverter)
Output power factor ≥0.6
System indicators
Switching time Typical value: 2-7ms Maximum value ≤10ms
Protection function Quick fuse, overload reminder, shutdown and short circuit protection
Communication interface Optional: RS232+RJ11/ USB+RJ11 Standard configuration: RS232+RJ11
Optional: USB+RJ11
show    show LED LCD
Automatic shutdown —— Display load ≤5%, after 1 minute, UPS will shut down automatically
Output interface Standard national standard socket (optional multi-function socket)
Work environment
Operating temperature 0℃~40℃
Storage temperature -25℃~55℃ (without battery)
Relative humidity 10%~90% (no condensation)
Altitude Altitude ≤1000m, over 1000m, derating 1% for every 100m rise
Protection level IP20
Other features
Host size (length×width×height) mm 320×95×
320×125×225 320×95×
Net   weight (Kg) 5.1 9.9 11.3 5.1 9.9 11.3
yan   color black

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice. The pictures are provided for reference, and the actual product shall prevail.