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Focus on Shengrong, and keep abreast of UPS industrial power industry trends

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In recent years, China has become the "manufacturing center of the world". Many international brands have entrusted domestic manufacturers to produce their products, which has promoted the rapid development of the overall level of my country's manufacturing industry. With the introduction of large quantities of advanced production lines, many manufacturing companies have begun to purchase UPS products to improve their own power safety, increase production efficiency, reduce production costs, and improve the existing operating environment. Since entering the market, UPS power products have always been the preferred brand of manufacturing users, providing products and services for many well-known international and domestic brands. Aiming at the current realistic environment of my country's manufacturing industry, UPS solutions have been customized for manufacturing enterprises, which greatly improves their electrical safety and reduces production costs.

Power abnormalities may affect the operation of sensitive electronic equipment, affect the shutdown of all components, and may cause a major blow to the entire enterprise.

UPS power supply also needs to be updated Unreliable replacement of old equipment

In order to avoid power abnormalities, data centers use Shanpu UPS power equipment to provide protection. This type of system can remove the problematic power system and provide emergency power in the event of a power failure. Data centers that have installed UPS systems for more than ten years generally use transformers, and their internal use is the power conversion circuit of the previous generation, and the efficiency and power efficiency are not as good as the current latest solutions. The current UPS has abandoned high-cost and low-efficiency transformers and improved power conversion circuits. Some UPSs can even operate in high-efficiency mode, reaching an efficiency of up to 99%, increasing the efficiency by 15% to 20% under the actual load setting of the data center.

Replacement of old UPS with newer models is a low-risk, relatively low-cost method, but it can improve reliability and operational efficiency. Many power companies also offer discount plans to compensate for the cost of installing new UPSs and encourage data center operators to replace more energy-efficient UPS power supplies. In addition, the same possibility exists in many other places in the data center, such as the use of variable-speed drives and the use of LED lighting, which are pragmatic methods that can save energy without reducing reliability.