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The necessity of a UPS power monitoring

1. It can promptly discover and generate corresponding alarm notifications before the corresponding failure is about to turn into an accident.

2. The power system can be obtained in the first time, and the corresponding coordination can be taken in advance to improve response speed and improve the efficiency of problem solving.

Two UPS power monitoring methods

1. UPS power network gathering monitoring system

The main rhyme is based on the Internet/Ethernet network channel and developed through the internal TCP/IP network communication protocol. It is a kind of UPS that can be used for long-distance gathering and processing of UPS through a Web browser or special monitoring software. Monitoring and handling solutions. The system has a convenient Web Server management function module, which enables users to conveniently perform UPS real-time status inquiries, basic information management, long-distance operation control, various parameter settings, user management and other monitoring through a web browser on any operating system channel. Pinch management function. It is suitable for long-distance UPS network meeting monitoring and processing.

UPS power monitoring method

2, UPS power supply SMS monitoring system

This system is based on modern wireless communication technology, and adds GSMMODEM short message transmission module on the basis of UPS power network monitoring system, so as to complete short-time monitoring and management of UPS operating conditions. This system is suitable for monitoring and managing the operation of long-distance UPS and fault conditions through wireless short messages under special environmental conditions.

If your data center has adopted UPS battery management for key equipment for some time, you may have discovered that the battery life designed by the battery manufacturer is not the same as the true battery life. The life of the design is obtained by the manufacturer in the laboratory considering the design of the battery and the aging of the battery. The actual service life of the battery not only needs to consider the impact of battery aging, but also how it is used, installed and maintained. Simply put, thinking that the design life and actual life of the battery are the same, putting your data center at risk.

Therefore, we have a deep understanding of the true lifespan of batteries. According to our experience in this area, even if the design life of the battery can reach 10 years or more, based on several factors such as operating environment and maintenance, it is likely to be unusable after three years of use. . UPS and battery maintenance are two important factors to achieve optimal performance and return on battery investment.