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Regulated UPS power supply EA600 RT series-1kVA
Power range:500KVA – 3000KVA
Application field: Home PC, SOHO small office environmen
★ Basic introduction of EA600 series 0.5-3kVA UPS

The EA600 series of products are developed by Yishite Company in response to the electrical characteristics of computer peripherals in the market. It is a sine wave online interactive UPS with energy-saving and environmental protection functions. The product uses DSP digital processing technology and has online voltage stabilization, Short circuit protection, automatic inverter frequency adjustment, output overload, battery charging management, monitoring and other functions, LCD+LED display mode, not only can intuitively understand the current operating status of the product through the LED, but also through the LCD display Various operating parameters of the product. The intelligent monitoring system can be connected to a computer via USB to monitor various operating parameters of the UPS system in real time, directly control the operation and testing of the UPS, turn on and off regularly, and can also achieve remote monitoring through SNMP cards. This series of products has high stability, high reliability, high practicability, and is an ideal power source for computers and peripheral electronic equipment.

Power range:

500KVA – 3000KVA

Application field:

Home PC, SOHO small office environment

Small communication switches, servers

SOHO network equipment

Commercial POS machine

Workstation and its peripheral equipment

Bank terminals, ATM systems, etc.

★ 2. Technical features of EA600 series 0.5-3kVA UPS

1) High reliability

Advanced DSP digital processing technology, faster and more accurate data processing and control, online interactive design, high-speed online voltage stabilization technology, when the system is running normally, the system adopts an advanced BOOST charging system to supplement the battery in time , To ensure sufficient built-in battery energy, high-speed power MOS plus DSP digital processing technology, to further ensure the reliability and advancement of the product.

2) Pure sine wave technology

This product adopts advanced SPWM modulation technology, controls high-speed power MOS, and uses isolation transformer boost technology to form a regulated and frequency-stabilized standard sine wave voltage for load use after passing through an LC filter, reducing noise interference to the load .

3) LCD+LED display mode

Intuitive LED process and status display.

LCD directly displays various operating parameters of the product.

4) Ultra-wide input range

UPS has high-efficiency online synchronous voltage stabilization technology, and the input is safe to operate from 165-280Vac, which greatly reduces the frequency of use of the UPS built-in battery and effectively extends the battery life.

5) Automatic frequency selection

When the UPS is connected to the mains frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz, the UPS will automatically detect the mains frequency. When the mains power is cut off, the UPS output voltage frequency will be the same as the mains frequency (50Hz or 60Hz).

6) Battery testing

The product can cooperate with the background monitoring software to periodically detect the battery status. If the UPS battery and connection line are open or the battery fails, the UPS will notify the user of the detected battery failure information via USB. At the same time, UPS will protect itself, turn off the charging system, and switch to Bypass power supply mode, adding battery temperature compensation technology, effectively extending battery life.

7) High-speed synchronous conversion

The system has the function of automatically tracking the phase of the mains to ensure that the inverter output voltage is completely in phase with the mains voltage, effectively reducing the UPS conversion time and the peak surge voltage generated during switching, ensuring that there is no Interference and no damage.

8) Humanized alarm system

In the initial stage of battery power supply, the UPS will sound once every 5 seconds and will automatically silence the sound after about 60 seconds, which will no longer interfere with the working environment.

When the battery is about to run out, the UPS will start a rapid beeping alarm again at a frequency of 0.16 seconds to remind the staff that the battery is exhausted and the UPS is about to shut down.

When the battery is exhausted, the UPS will automatically shut down to protect the battery.

9) Unattended and intelligent monitoring

This product is equipped with an automatic switch function, which is suitable for unmanned monitoring places and remote monitoring areas. When a long-term power failure occurs, this product can also communicate with PC via USB to realize real-time monitoring, testing, and scheduled shutdown and startup. Can also pass SNMP network system Realize remote monitoring, testing and timing shutdown and startup operations.

10) Intelligent automatic shutdown technology (manual setting) monitoring

The system will automatically detect the load when the equipment is in the shutdown state and power failure. If the load is less than 3% (3~50% can be set), the UPS will judge the shutdown state for 1 minute (1~99 minutes can be set) It will automatically shut down after the battery is turned off to reduce loss and effectively extend the life of the battery.

11) Inverter no-load sleep function (manual setting)

Start the inverter no-load sleep function. When the UPS is in the inverter state, the system will automatically detect the load. If the load is less than 3%, the UPS will automatically enter the sleep mode after 80s. Loading starts automatically.

★ Technical parameters of EA600 series 0.5-3kVA UPS

Type    number






Rated capacity






Enter metrics

Enter the number of phases

Single-phase three-wire (L+N+PE)

Enter the rated voltage


Input voltage variable range


Enter the frequency variation range

50Hz/60Hz (automatic detection), 45-55Hz for 50Hz, 55-65Hz for 60Hz

Battery voltage





Built-in battery capacity section number


12V7AH×2 section

12V9AH×2 section

12V9AH×3 section

12V9AH×4 section

Output indicator

Number of output phases

Single-phase three-wire (L+N+PE)

Output rated voltage


Output voltage regulation accuracy

Mains mode: 192-241Vac, inverter mode: 220Vac±5%

Output frequency accuracy

Mains mode: track mains input frequency; inverter mode: 50Hz/60Hz±0.3Hz

Output power factor



Output waveform distortion degree

≤5% (resistive load)

System indicators

System efficiency

Utility mode: 96% (max), inverter mode: 85% (max)

< /td>

Switching time


Protection function

Overload, short circuit (inverter), low battery, battery overcharge, over temperature

Overload time (mains mode)

110% 120 seconds; 125% 60 seconds; 150% 10 seconds (after transfer to bypass)

Overload time (inverter mode)

110% 60 seconds; 125% 10 seconds; 150% 0.7 seconds (turn off directly afterwards)

< /td>

Charging current

Labeling machine: 1A (default), 0-5A adjustable;

Long machine: 10A (default);
Maximum 15A


Long machine: 10A (default);
Maximum 20A

Long machine: 10A (default);
Maximum 25A

Communication interface

Standard: USB+RJ45; Optional: SNMP

display    show

LCD+LED             ; 

Work environment

Operating temperature


Relative humidity

Relative humidity ≤93%

Storage temperature

-25℃~55℃ (without battery)

Noise    Sound

≤ 50dB (1 meter away from the device)

Other features

Net   weight (Kg)

H: 7













Host size        (W×D×H ) Mm


< /td>










yan   color


Remarks: 1. In the above table, "H" stands for long-acting machine (external battery), and "S" stands for standard machine (built-in battery)
   2. Specifications are subject to change without notice. The pictures are provided for reference, and the actual product shall prevail.