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Three-in-three-out industrial power supply EA900-30KVA
Power range:10kVA-30kVA
Application areas: Bank/bond settlement centers, billing centers
★ Basic introduction of EA900 series 10-30kVA three-three UPS

EA900 series 10-30kVA UPS is a new generation of universal UPS power supply designed and manufactured by Ess Achieve higher power density integration and miniaturization. This series of products have excellent electrical performance, complete software and hardware protection functions, can adapt to different grid environments, and can provide safe and reliable power protection for various loads.

Power range:


Application field:

Bank/bond settlement center, billing center

IPS Internet service provider, business service group

Medium-scale office automation and industrial process control applications

★ Technical advantages of EA900 series 10-30kVA three-three UPS

DSP full digital control technology

Adopt advanced DSP digital control technology, effectively improve product performance and system reliability, and achieve higher power density integration and miniaturization.

Output power factor:

The output power factor is 0.9, which is 13% higher than the load capacity of traditional machines; for example, the capacity is 30kVA and the active power is 27kW.

ECO function economic model

Economic mode (ECO), the efficiency of the whole machine is greater than 98%, which reduces the power loss of the UPS and saves the user's cost.

The number of battery cells can be flexibly adjusted

The number of battery cells of the UPS battery pack can be arbitrarily configured to use 16/18/20 cells to ensure that when a battery in the battery pack fails, the faulty battery can be taken out without affecting the work of the entire battery pack; Note: The number of battery packs must be even.

Advanced fast charging technology, the charging speed is more than doubled

Standard machine: 1A/2A/3.3A; long-acting machine: 6.6-13.2A

Standard machine: Fully charged in 4 hours; Long-term machine: Depends on the capacity of the external battery.

Three inputs and three outputs, supporting 360/380/400/415Vac power grid systemDisplay screen

Various information of UPS can be monitored through the LCD display, such as: input voltage, frequency, output voltage, current, frequency, load rate, charging voltage, internal temperature, battery not connected prompt, historical records, etc.

Ultra-wide input voltage and frequency range

The input voltage range is 277~485Vac (without derating), 190~277Vac (linear derating between 50% and 100% load), which is suitable for the environment with large fluctuations in the mains power grid, reducing the number of battery discharges, thereby Extend battery life. The input frequency range is 40~70Hz; it is compatible with various types of generator equipment.

Smart battery management

The independent intelligent charging system automatically performs equal float charge on the battery pack. After completion, the charger enters sleep mode with constant voltage and current limit. The charging power will not drop before reaching the equalizing voltage, which can be well balanced. The goal of fast charging and prolonging battery life, saves battery costs for users.

Perfect protection function

Integrating AC input over-voltage and under-voltage protection, output overload and short-circuit protection, inverter over-heat protection, IGBT over-current protection, battery under-voltage warning protection and battery over-charge protection and other multi-function protections in one, which greatly guarantees Stability and reliability of system operation;
With bypass function, when the output is overloaded or the UPS fails, it can go to the bypass state without interruption, and the mains will continue to supply power to the load, and provide alarm information;

Inverter mode

Support 50Hz input/60Hz output or 60Hz input/50Hz output frequency conversion mode to meet the special needs of users.

50/60Hz power system adaptive

Automatically recognize and adapt to 50Hz/60Hz power system to meet different power system requirements.

Cold start and mains start function

If the utility power is abnormal, the UPS can be started directly with the battery to meet the emergency needs;
When there is no battery, the UPS can be started directly from the mains, which can be used as a high-precision regulated power supply.

Can be used with generator

The input voltage and frequency range are wide, which can effectively isolate the bad power generated by the generator, and provide a clean, safe and stable power supply for the load.

Zero switching

Double-conversion on-line design makes the output of UPS a pure sine wave power supply with frequency tracking, phase-locking voltage stabilization, filtering out noise, and not being interfered by power grid fluctuations, providing more comprehensive protection for the load. When the mains is unstable , The conversion time of UPS power supply mode is zero, which effectively guarantees the safety and reliability of load operation.

Powerful extensibility function

The smart slot can provide a wealth of expandable functions. You can choose SNMP card, RS485, AS400 card, and battery temperature compensation.

★ Technical parameters of EA900 series 10-30kVA three-three UPS

Type    number





Rated capacity





Enter metrics

Enter the number of phases

Three-phase five-wire (3Φ+N+PE)

Enter the rated voltage


Input voltage variable range

277~485Vac (no derating), 190~277Vac (linear derating between 50%-100% load) )

Enter the frequency variation range


Enter the power factor


Bypass input voltage range

-40%~+15% (can be set)

Battery voltage

S:240VDC, H:192VDC (192/216/240VDC can be set)

Number of batteries

S:12V20 section, H:12V16 section (16/18/20 section can be set)

< /td>

Number of built-in batteries in the labeling machine

12V/7AH × 20 sections

12V/7AH × 40 sections

12V/9AH × 40 sections

12V/9AH × 60 sections

Output refers to

Number of output phases

Three-phase five-wire (3Φ+N+PE)

Output rated voltage


Output voltage regulation accuracy


Output frequency accuracy

Mains mode: tracking bypass input in synchronization state; battery mode: 50Hz/60Hz±0.1%

Output power factor


Output waveform distortion degree

≤2% (linear load); ≤5% (non-linear load)

Output current crest factor


Overload capability

102%<load≤125%, transfer to bypass after 10 minutes; 125%<load≤150%, 1 ,Turn to bypass after minutes; load>150%, turn to bypass in 0.5 seconds

System indicators

System efficiency

Online mode: ≥93%, ECO mode: ≥98%

Switching time

0 ms

Maximum number of parallel machines

6 units

Protection function

Output short circuit protection, output overload protection, over temperature protection, battery low voltage protection, output over and under voltage protection, fan failure Protection etc.

Communication interface

Standard configuration: USB, RS232; optional configuration: SNMP card, RS485 card, dry contact card, battery temperature compensation< /p>

display    show


Working environment

Operating temperature


Storage temperature

-25℃~55℃ (without battery)

Relative humidity

0%~95% (no condensation)


Altitude ≤1000m, over 1000m, derating 1% for every 100m rise

Protection level


Noise    Sound

<60dB (1 meter away from the device)

<65dB (1 meter away from the device)

Other features

The size of the host (W×D×H) mm

H: 350×655×732,
S: 350×785×858

H: 350×655×732,
S: 350×785×1078

weight   quantity (kg)


H:60, S:155

H:61, S:175

H:65, S:235

yan   color


Remarks: 1) In the above table, "H" stands for long-acting machine (external battery), and "S" stands for standard machine (built-in battery).
2) Specifications are subject to change without notice. The pictures are provided for reference, please refer to the actual product.