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High-density industrial power supply EA990 10-30kVA
Power range:10kVA —— 120kVA
DC voltage:±192VDC

★ Basic introduction of EA990 series 10-120kVA three-in-three-out UPS

EA990 series 10-120kVA three-in-three-out products are high-frequency UPS power supplies with full digital control technology. The design of the whole machine breaks the design thinking of traditional tower machines and adopts advanced and reliable modular design concepts, which not only ensures the compactness of the layout, but also improves the reliability and maintainability of the system. This series of products have superior electrical performance, complete software and hardware protection functions, can adapt to different grid environments, and can provide safe and reliable power protection for different loads.

Power range

10kVA —— 120kVA

DC voltage:


Application field:

IPS Internet Service Provider, IDC Data Exchange Center Computer Room

Medium-scale network management system/computer room, billing center

Bank/bond settlement center, business service group

Industrial process control applications, medium-scale office automation, confidential equipment, etc.

Has been certified by a third-party authority:

Tail certification, CE certification, energy saving certification

★ Technical features of EA990 series 10-120kVA three-in-three-out UPS

The power distribution type is three-in and three-out, and the three-in and single-out can be set;

Support economic mode (ECO mode), system efficiency can reach 98%;

DSP full digital control technology;

Pure online double conversion architecture, strong load capacity;

Dual input power distribution mode, high system reliability;

The input power factor is as high as over 0.99, and the harmonic current is less than 3%, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving;

Wide input voltage range, 50/60Hz power grid system self-adaptation, suitable for various environmental power grids;

Support 50Hz input/60Hz output and 60Hz input/50Hz output frequency conversion mode to meet the special needs of users;

The output power factor is 0.9, which is 13% higher than the load capacity of traditional products;

The built-in output power frequency isolation transformer can be selected to meet the special requirements of users for the electrical isolation of the UPS output end;

Parallel machines can share battery packs, saving users' battery investment;

Digital charger, with flexible charging parameter settings and battery cell number selection, and online detection of battery not connected;

Advanced battery intelligent management technology can effectively extend battery life;

Support battery cold start and mains self-start function to meet user needs;

Modular design, high reliability and easy maintenance;

Perfect software and hardware protection functions (air switch, Fuse, hardware protection, software protection), super self-diagnosis function,

Rich historical record query;

5.7 inch large LCD touch widescreen display, friendly man-machine interface;

Abundant communication interfaces, including RS232, RS485, USB, dry contact card and SNMP smart card slot, etc.;

Complete password management and control program, including the first power-on password, user password and maintenance password;

★ Technical advantages of EA990 series 10-120kVA three-in-three-out UPS

1) Output power factor: 0.9

The output power factor is 0.9, which is 13% higher than the load capacity of traditional machines; for example, the capacity is 30kVA and the active power is 27KW.

2) Modular structure design, maintenance time is close to 0

The UPS shape adopts a tower design, and the internal rectifier and inverter parts adopt a modular design; when the rectifier and inverter are abnormal, the power module can be directly pulled out, which can be directly repaired, saving maintenance time.

3) Optional isolation transformer for output

According to user requirements, an output isolation transformer can be selected inside the UPS.

4) The UPS host can be equipped with a built-in battery

UPS can be built-in 32 12V/7AH batteries, and the cabinet space can be built-in up to 64 batteries.

5) The number of battery cells can be flexibly adjusted

The number of battery cells of the UPS battery pack can be arbitrarily configured and used within ±16/17/18/19/20 cells to ensure that when a battery in the battery pack fails, the faulty battery can be removed without affecting the entire battery pack Note: The battery pack must be even numbered.

6) Parallel battery packs can be shared

When UPS is used in parallel, battery packs can be shared, saving users' battery costs and the floor space and load-bearing requirements of the computer room.

7) 5.7-inch large LCD touch widescreen

Using a 5.7-inch touch screen LCD design and menu structure, various information of UPS can be monitored through LCD, such as: input voltage, frequency, output voltage, current, frequency, active power, apparent power, load rate, floating charge Voltage, equalizing voltage, charging current, charger temperature, battery voltage, battery pack temperature, battery remaining discharge time, battery remaining capacity percentage, battery status, history record.

8) Ultra-wide input voltage and frequency range

The input voltage range is 380V -46%~+36%Vac (half load), 380V -20%~+36%Vac (full load), suitable for environments with large fluctuations in the mains power grid, reducing the number of battery discharges. Thereby extending battery life. The input frequency range is 40~70Hz; it is compatible with various types of generator equipment.

9) Smart battery management

The independent intelligent charging system automatically performs two-stage intelligent charging management on the battery pack. In the first stage, high-current constant-current charging can quickly recharge about 90% of the power; in the second stage, the floating charge is maintained to ensure that the power is not lost. This can well take into account the goals of fast charging and prolonging battery life, and save battery costs for users.

10)Perfect protection function

UPS has various software and hardware protection functions, including various protections and alarms such as overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss, short circuit, overload, overtemperature, battery low voltage, and overvoltage.

11) Complete power distribution unit

The standard configuration of input, bypass, output, maintenance bypass switches is easy to install and operate, while reducing the cost and floor space for users to purchase power distribution cabinets; in addition, the battery switch requires users to choose an external device.

★ Technical parameters of EA990 series 10-120kVA three-in-three-out UPS

Type    number










Rated capacity










Enter metrics

Enter the number of phases

Three-phase five-wire (3Φ+N+PE)

Enter the rated voltage

360 Vac /380 Vac /400 Vac /415Vac

Input voltage variable range

204~242Vac: Derate 50%,   242~305ac: Derate 30%,     305~520Vac: No derating

Enter the frequency variation range


Input power factor


Input current harmonic content


Bypass input voltage range

-40%~ +20% (can be set)

Battery voltage

±192VDC (±204VDC, ±216VDC, ±228VDC, ±240VDC optional)

Number of battery cells

12V32 cells (positive and negative two sets of batteries, 16 cells in each group; support 34,36,38,40 cells)

Output indicator

Number of output phases

Three-phase five-wire (3Φ+N+PE)

Output rated voltage


Output voltage regulation accuracy


Output frequency accuracy

Mains mode: track bypass input in synchronization state; battery mode: 50Hz/60Hz±0.1%

Output power factor


Output waveform distortion degree

≤1% (resistive load); ≤3% (non-linear load)

Output current crest factor


Inverter overload capacity

102%<load≤127%, transfer to bypass after 10 minutes; 127%<load≤150%,1 Transfer to bypass in minutes; load>150%, transfer to bypass in 0.5 seconds

Bypass overload capacity

≤150%, long time running; >150%, lasting 10 seconds

System indicators

System efficiency


Switching time

0 ms

Number of parallel machines

4 units

Protection function

Output short circuit protection, output overload protection, over temperature protection, battery low voltage protection, output over and under voltage protection, fan failure Protection etc.

Communication interface

Standard configuration: USB, RS232, RS485, dry contact; optional configuration: SNMP card, temperature compensation accessories

display    show

5.7 inch LCD touch screen

Work environment

Operating temperature


Storage temperature

-25℃~55℃ (without battery)

Relative humidity

0%-95% (no condensation)


Altitude ≤1000m, over 1000m, derating 1% for every 100m rise

Protection level


Noise    Sound

<60dB (1 meter away from the device)

Other features

Host size (W×D×H)mm



Net   weight (kg)









yan   color


Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice. The pictures are provided for reference, and the actual product shall prevail.