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Industrial UPS power supply has a common misconception. It is believed that the mains power we use is continuous and constant except for occasional power failures. In fact, this is not the case. As a public power grid, the utility power system is connected to thousands of various loads. Some of the larger inductive, capacitive, switching power supply and other loads not only obtain power from the power grid, but also cause the power grid itself. Affect and deteriorate the power supply quality of the power grid or local power grids, resulting in distortion of the mains voltage waveform or frequency drift. In addition, unexpected natural and man-made accidents, such as earthquakes, lightning strikes, open circuits or short circuits in the power transmission and transformation system, will endanger the normal supply of electricity and affect the normal operation of the load.

For computers, industrial UPS power supplies require normal power supply for the display and host to work. Especially memory has higher requirements for power supply. It is a storage device that relies on electrical energy and requires constant refresh actions to maintain the stored content. Once the power is off, the saved content disappears immediately. If the power is off abnormally, the information in the memory is too late to be saved to storage devices such as hard disks, which will cause the information to be completely lost or become incomplete and lose its value, thus wasting a lot of work energy, time, and even a huge economy loss.

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If an operating system such as UNIX is shut down abnormally and the system information in the memory is not written back to the hard disk, it may also cause the system to crash and fail to start again. In addition, although the hard disk in the computer uses a magnetic storage medium, it will not lose information due to power failure, but a sudden power failure will damage the physical head of the hard disk that is reading and writing, or the system files will be maintained when the file system is maintained. , Resulting in file allocation table errors, resulting in the scrapping of the entire hard drive. In addition, most of the current operating systems can set virtual memory. Due to the sudden power failure, the system cannot cancel the virtual memory, which causes "information fragmentation" in the hard disk, which not only wastes hard disk storage space, but also causes the machine to run slowly.

Computer power supply is a kind of rectifier power supply, too high voltage may cause the rectifier to burn out. Interferences such as voltage spikes, transient overvoltages, and power supply noise may enter the motherboard through the rectifier, affecting the normal operation of the machine, and even burning the host circuit. In short, the power problem of industrial UPS power is a major threat to computer work. But with the increasing importance and widespread of computer and network applications, safe and reliable power has become an important issue that network designers and managers have to face seriously.