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UPS uninterruptible power supply can be used in combination with DC power supply system to form a power plant, which is an uninterruptible power supply for substations. Next, edit the UPS uninterruptible power supply components.

1, static switch

The role is to maintain and load the UPS, and to realize the conversion of the mains bypass power supply and the inverter power supply. When the mains power is normal, the UPS is converted to mains power by a static switching output inverter. When the inverter fails, in order to prevent the load from running, the UPS output will be switched to the utility power through the static switch output.

2, circuit correction

After the AC mains of the UPS power supply is rectified, it will be filtered with a large-capacity capacitor, and the output terminal of the rectifier circuit will be connected in parallel with the battery. The pulse current will be formed during the charging of the capacitor and the battery. The current produces higher harmonic currents, resulting in a drop in power factor. The power factor calibration circuit makes the grid input current become a sine wave in phase with the input voltage.

3. Charging circuit

Even if the inverter is not used, the AC power supply will be turned on and the charging circuit will start to work. In the charging process, constant current charging is first required. After the battery voltage reaches the floating charging voltage, switch it to constant voltage charging until the battery requirements are met. The main circuit uses a switching rectifier circuit.

is composed of these parts UPS uninterruptible power supply

It is a UPS power supply composed of these parts

4. Rectifier filter circuit

The commonly used rectifier circuits of UPS include single-phase uncontrollable rectifier circuit and three-phase uncontrollable rectifier circuit. The filter is divided into capacitor input and inductor input. UPS usually uses LC filters composed of capacitors and inductors.

5. Battery pack

The utility power is normal, the battery is charged, the electrical energy is converted into chemical energy, and it is stored. The utility power is interrupted and the UPS battery power inverter is running. Proper use of battery packs can extend battery life.

6. Circuit monitoring, monitoring

The accuracy of UPS uninterruptible power supply output voltage, waveform distortion, and operation reliability are closely related to the control circuit. The UPS has an automatic protection circuit with a low battery voltage, an automatic protection circuit with a high mains voltage and a delayed start of the UPS. The UPS uninterruptible power supply is also equipped with a monitoring circuit, a display circuit and an alarm circuit. The universal UPS power supply computer room monitoring system is a highly reliable and highly stable modular intelligent power monitoring system. The operating status and related data of the protection system can be viewed on the large screen side of the mobile phone, and the alarm information will be synchronously received when an abnormality occurs Time.

7. Circuit inverter

UPS uninterruptible power supply is used to convert the rectified DC voltage and battery voltage of the mains power into AC voltage. The output voltage waveform of the standby UPS inverter is a quasi-square wave, and the output voltage of the online UPS inverter is mostly a sinusoidal pulse width modulation waveform.