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UPS uninterruptible power supply is a high-quality, high-reliability independent power supply, and a battery static uninterruptible power supply device. It consists of rectifier, inverter, AC static switch and battery pack. It is a system equipment that connects the battery with the host and converts DC power into mains power through the host inverter and other module circuits. It is mainly used to provide a stable and uninterrupted power supply to a single computer, computer network system or other power electronic equipment such as solenoid valves, pressure transmitters, etc.

Usually, the mains power is changed into DC by the rectifier to float the battery, and at the same time, the high-quality AC purified power supply is outputted by the inverter to supply important loads, so that it is not interfered by the voltage, frequency, and harmonics of the mains power. When the mains power fails for some reason, the system automatically switches to the battery pack, the battery discharges, and the inverter supplies power to important loads.

UPS uninterruptible power supply battery Maintenance method of

When the mains input is normal, the UPS uninterruptible power supply will stabilize the mains and supply it to the load. At this time, the UPS is an AC-type voltage stabilizer, and it also charges the battery in the machine; When the power is interrupted (accidental power failure), the UPS uninterruptible power supply will immediately supply the DC power of the battery to the load through the inverter switching method to continue to supply 220V AC power to the load to maintain the normal operation of the load and protect the software and hardware of the load from damage. UPS uninterruptible power supply equipment usually provides protection against over-voltage or under-voltage.

However, due to the particularity of its inverter and battery operation, the installation and use of UPS uninterruptible power supply must have a set of strict and scientific operating procedures in order to improve working stability, reduce equipment failure rate, and truly achieve equipment power supply. Uninterrupted.

Remote UPS and battery monitoring, the time to restore a UPS operation is much less than a continuous time method, in the latter, a simple event may also exceed eight hours. The ability to detect potential problems early and quickly respond to defects or battery degradation can maximize the reliability of the UPS battery system and enable your data center to maintain the dynamic adaptability required by today's data center.